Okay, so I just got back from a short (but awesome) trip to California!  Los Angeles to be exact.  And I come home to find this on my doorstep…


It was in a bag with a note from one of my former students who moved away.  The note said since I’d shared a few books with her, she wanted to share a few of her favorites with me <333.  Seriously, it was such a nice surprise.  (Thank you, Jaida!!!)  There’s only one book in there that I’ve already read and own (The Westing Game), AND she is the same student who let me read her copy of Kasie West’s P.S. I Like You, my first book by West and one that I enjoyed immensely!

Anyway, ahhh like I said, it was so thoughtful.

I’m very fortunate to teach several thoughtful young adults who are smart, talented and just wonderful.  The readers in this age group are fantastic as well and make me want to write the best books that I can for them.  I actually had one reader leave a great comment on my last post.  She’d read ADORKABLE, like it a lot, and was wondering when NINJA GIRL would be available in paperback because she loves reading real, tangible books.  I loved that comment because to be honest I’m not sure if/when I’ll be publishing NINJA GIRL as a paperback.  I mean, I would love to add it to my bookshelf.  But I honestly haven’t had time to get it together and wasn’t sure if anyone (besides me) would want NINJA GIRL as a real, live book anyway.  But I guess they do :).

And that…is so awesome!

Another nice surprise, and I am very thankful for her comment, those great books and all of my wonderful students.  Next week, I’ll post more about my trip to L.A., and a super-secret assignment, something fun my readers may be able to help me with ;).

Have a great weekend, and I really hope some nice surprises happen for you as well!

Happy reading,

Cookie O’Gorman

2 comments on “A Nice Surprise”

  1. What great books! I have read 5 of those books in the last year to year and a half. Since clearly, she has great taste, I will be reading the others soon. I recommend you add to your list Lucky in Love by Kasie West, but only if you have time because I can’t wait for your book three. Maddie and Seth Nguyen are adorkable. Happy reading and editing and writing!

    • This makes me even more excited to read them! I’ve heard about several of them, and they sound so good. I will definitely add Lucky in Love to my list–I’ve only read one book by West, but I am looking forward to more :). And you called the couple “adorkable” which only intrigues me further lol :). Thank you for the recommendation and the well wishes, Karen! I hope you are well!!

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