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5 Things and The Happy Fall YA’ll Giveaway!

Hello October, and happy fall everyone! ūüôā

I haven’t posted in a little while, but it was for a great reason, I promise.¬† To make up for my absence, I’ve got a new “5 Things” post and an awesome giveaway for you guys!!!¬† I wasn’t sure what to write to be honest–it gets like that sometimes.¬† My mind goes blank; I can’t find the words, don’t feel like I have anything to talk about etc.–but I came up with something that I hope you’ll like.¬† So here is my list of “5 Things I Love About Fall.”

  1. Fall weather.¬† It’s just the best.¬† Hoodies, warm socks, crisp cool air, your favorite book and a nice blanket.¬† It’s the perfect reading weather, you guys, what more can I say? ūüôā
  2. ¬†It means I made it through September.¬† Remember that “great reason” for not posting?¬† And maybe you remember I had mentioned something about putting together an event for a great cause?¬† Well, everything came together, and although I was my typical awkward self, if my count is correct (can’t know for certain yet because all of the funds have yet to be totaled), we managed to raise about $5,000 for a local charity that supports children and families battling childhood cancer!!!¬† It made me realize there are still good people in the world and that maybe we can make a difference.¬† We held this event on my Aunt Pat’s birthday, so I hope she saw and was proud.¬† I still miss her every day.
  3. ¬†Falling and getting back up.¬† So, at the charity event, I actually fell down some stairs in front of an audience full of people–picture that girl Tai from Clueless at the school dance, and you’d have a pretty good picture of what happened lol.¬† But I got back up, said “I’m okay!” and kept going.¬† Did I mention I was awkward?
  4. ¬†Outlander on Starz.¬† If you haven’t read the book yet, for goodness sakes, GO READ IT!¬† If you have and you’ve been watching the show, I think you know what makes me love fall: James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser.¬† Enough said *sigh* <3.
  5. The Happy Fall YA’ll Giveaway!¬† I’m giving away a signed paperback copy of ADORKABLE on Goodreads, and over 600 people have already entered 0___0.¬† The giveaway started on September 28 and will run through October 19 when a winner will be randomly selected.¬† So what are you waiting for?¬† Enter here for your chance to win!

I really do love fall–and not for the pumpkin spiced everything like most people lol…though, the smell is nice.¬† Since it is perfect reading weather, if you haven’t read them and need a new book, might I recommend YA romances ADORKABLE and NINJA GIRL?¬† I hear they’re pretty good. ūüėȬ† I hope you’re doing well, reading great books and having a happy fall so far!

Happy reading,

Cookie O’Gorman

5 Things: I’m reading right now

Okay, this is a bit of a cheat because what I’m loving right now is actually a series–but there are 5 books in the series, so it works ;).

About two weeks ago, I finally picked up the first book in The Selection series.¬† I know, I know, I am so behind!¬† One of my students (a girl who is always reading YA :)) recommended it to me…well, she said it was SO good and that I should read it, and she had that look in her eye that I get when I find a book I really love.

So, I got the first book, and Kiera Cass drew me in right away!¬† I sped through book 1 and immediately got the next 3 books!!!¬† I was semi-upset (I was very upset)¬† that they didn’t have the 5th and final book, The Crown.¬† Literally, I stood there for about 5 minutes staring at the bookstore shelf, hoping it would magically appear lol.¬† It didn’t :(.¬† And of course, I read through the next three books like wildfire, and book 4 actually did leave me hanging.¬† Thank goodness the final book was available as an ebook.


The Selection, The Elite, The One, The Heir, & The Crown

It took me about 5 days–5 freaking days!–to read these books.¬† I couldn’t help myself.¬† The endings weren’t really cliffhangers, especially in the first 3 books, but I devoured the pages.¬† It was so addictive!¬† There was some type of magic in there, too, because I did not start out loving the main heroine *gasp*.¬† But she totally grew on me.¬† And I actually loved several of the main guys!¬† My favorite books were 3, 4 and 5; the first trio of books ended just right, and I loved how we got to see what happened to the characters we loved in the next two books as well as meet a whole new, awesome cast.

If I had to give one reason to read, I would say: Maxxon!!!! <333  I totally get it, fellow Selection readers.  I really do.  A few more would be: America, May, Marlee, Kile (he was my personal favorite!), Henri and Erik.

There are mixed opinions about this series, but for me, it was very enjoyable.  Loved it!

If you’re wondering what I have coming up, there will be a book blitz for NINJA GIRL the week of June 12th, which I think will be a ton of fun!¬† ADORKABLE hit #1 several times in the last few weeks, huzzah!!!¬† Also, I’m editing the book I think will be my next release and working hard on the rough draft of another YA book :).¬† I hope your week is going well!

Happy reading,

Cookie O’Gorman

5 Things: I Love About Romance

It’s the week before Valentine’s Day, and hearts, chocolates, cute little stuffed animals are everywhere.¬† Love is in the air, people.

Romance is one of my favorite genres (of course!), so this list could go on forever lol!

That’s why I decided to limit myself to 5 :).¬† And it is an awesome 5 if I do say so myself.¬† I loved each of these YA and NA books for different reasons, but whether it was butterflies-in-the-stomach inducing or a tear jerker, the romance/chemistry is on point in each story.

If you need a little help getting into the V-Day spirit, here are 5 romantic reads that bring the swoon:


If you’re like me, this one will stay with you long after the last page.¬† Sigh.¬† Eleanor & Park has to be one of the most heartfelt, real romances I’ve ever read.¬† I don’t think I’ve ever cried/sighed more when reading a book.¬† Incredible writing, unforgettable characters and chemistry, I just love this book <3.


What can I say?¬† Rainbow Rowell is amazing!¬† Fangirl is a beautiful, romantic, hilarious book.¬† If you don’t fall in love with Levi and Cath, I’d be very much surprised :).


Katie McGarry is one of the best imo.¬† Dare You To is my personal favorite (Beth and Ryan forever! <3)–but seriously, all of the books in the Pushing the Limits series are awesome.


If you love road trips, music, lovable characters (both main and side), I would recommend Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour.¬† It’s a book that takes you along for the ride, puts you right there with the characters, and makes you fall in love with them.¬† Loved it!


Easy was my first New Adult read, and I absolutely loved it!¬† I’ve read several NA books since and found some great reads.¬† But I have to say, Easy is still #1 for me :).¬† The swoon factor is strong with this one lol!¬† This book has heart, heat, and a hero that I love.

If you’ve read any of these books, I’d love to hear your thoughts.¬† If you haven’t, I hope they give you butterflies and make you see hearts <3.¬† Hope you are well and that you find a ton of great romances to add to your shelves!

Happy reading,

Cookie O’Gorman

5 Things: I’m Thankful For

This was actually a tough one. ¬†It’s not that I don’t have anything to be thankful for, not at all. ¬†The hard part was narrowing it down to 5 :).

Actually, the holidays are a hard time for me, but I am thankful for so many things. ¬†And because I watched Pollyanna last night and learned about the “glad game”–right after watching the new Anne of Green Gables, which was okay, but will never take the place of the original <3–I’m going to focus on what makes me glad.

So here are 5 Things I’m Thankful For:

  1. Green bean casserole. Yummm!¬† It’s my favorite, made exactly as it says on the box. The green bean goodness cannot be beat.
  2. Fall weather.¬† I love blankets, warm socks, sweaters, and a nice chill in the air. ¬†Living in the South, you’ve got to appreciate weather like that. ¬†It’s just the best. ¬†Ooh, and warm tea…sigh.
  3. Books, the writers who write them and the readers who read them.  My week has been filled with books, books and more books.  I just wish I read (and wrote) faster lol!  As a reader, I appreciate writers so much for putting their words and stories out there.  As an author, I cannot say it enough: ADORKABLE readers, you really are the best!  Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and encouragement!
  4. Dogs.  Puppies and full grown senior dogs, young or old, long or short haired, small or large, what can I say?  I love them.  God bless all the fur babies!
  5. Family and friends. ¬†I don’t have a lot of either, but the ones I do have are tops. ¬†They are the best of the best, the cream of the crop, and I wouldn’t trade them for anything.

And I gotta say, in keeping with the glad game, even though I don’t have Netflix and missed the revival of Gilmore Girls (ugggh), I’m happy I got to see the new Pollyanna.¬† There was no Rory.¬† Even worse, there was no Jess :(.¬† But there was also no Logan, who I disliked greatly, and I suppose that’s something to be glad about lol.¬† But seriously, that Pollyanna had so much spirit and endless cheer.¬† I happy cried, and I’m not even sorry about it.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Happy reading,

Cookie O’Gorman

5 Things: I’m Loving Right Now

Lists are awesome, and since it is 5 DAYS before the release of the paperback version of ADORKABLE (eep!), it’s time for another “5 Things” post. ¬†September is tough this year and not just because of the print release. ¬†So basically, this is a list of the things that have made me happy this week.

Here are 5 Things I’m Loving Right Now:

  1. ¬†Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children¬†by Ransom Riggs. ¬†I started the book a¬†couple of days ago because no matter how great the movie turns out I wanted to read the book first. ¬†So far, I love it! ¬†It’s odd and intriguing, and I can’t wait to get to the end.
  2. Videos of puppies and kittens.  Of course.
  3. Kilig!!! ¬†This amazing, crazy cool Filipino word means (according to Google): exhilaration or elation caused by an exciting or romantic experience. ¬†I also found this definition: the rush or the inexplicable joy one feels after seeing or experiencing something romantic. ¬†Sigh… ¬†We need more words like this! ¬†We need more “kilig”! ¬†I love it <3 . ¬†Thank you, Beatrice and Henz for introducing me.
  4. Game of Thrones Season 6 (which i binge-watched last weekend).  Arya, Jon Snow, Brienne, and the Hound, all my faves are back.
  5. Sleeping in, warm socks, and nice people.

Kinda added a few more on that last one lol. ¬†I hope your week is going well. ¬†If you read ADORKABLE, I hope you feel the “kilig” :). ¬†And yeah…just 5 more days until the print release!!! ¬†Crossing my fingers that all goes well!

Happy reading,

Cookie O’Gorman

5 Things: I Wish I Knew Before Self-Publishing

Hi everyone!¬† I decided to do a “5 Things” post because I love lists and because I’ve always thought 5 was a good number :).¬† This week I’m going to focus on 5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Self-Publishing.¬† Just so you know, I could probably do a list with over 100 items on this topic!

So, here we go.

Before self-publishing ADORKABLE, I wish I knew:

  1. No matter how much research I did, no matter how many articles, books, guides or author posts I read, I would never know everything I needed to know.  Some things can only be learned through the process.
  2. Self-publishing is not as crazy/impossible/unthinkable as it sounds.¬† It is a lot of hard work (and will cause plenty of nervousness and anxiety), but it’s not impossible.¬† You can figure out Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook etc.¬† The truth is anyone can do it.¬† And they do, every day.¬† You just have to be ready to put in the work and for things (the good and the bad) not to go exactly as planned.
  3. Sometimes it’s better not to wait.¬† This is a personal item, but I wish I hadn’t waited as long as I did to self-publish.¬† After you’ve done all the research, lots and lots and lots of research, you have to put your thoughts into action.¬† Sometimes the people you love and who’ve shared in your dreams don’t have the time to see those dreams come true unless you act swiftly.¬† And there are times when, even if you do act fast, it’s still not enough.¬† Anyway, I don’t think anyone should self-publish before they are completely ready.¬† But personally, I think I was ready–ADORKABLE sat complete and on my computer for a looong time.¬† Despite the success the book is currently seeing, waiting for the perfect time in my case, was maybe not the best move.
  4. A bad book review can rip you heart out–but a good one can mend it back together.¬† Also, just try not to go crazy reading the reviews!!!
  5. Pat was right.  I can do this.  Believing in myself was the hardest part.  I always believed in my books.  I always believed in ADORKABLE and my characters.  My family always supported and believed in me and my work.  The truth was: I was the one holding me back.

Getting over that last hurdle (believing in myself) is still a daily struggle.  But I can and am doing it.  And whether it be self-publishing or traditional publishing, you do it can, too.  I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Cookie O’Gorman